• Proceeds go to charity - Loveland Community Kitchen a valued community resource that provides food for those who are hungry, Conversation for those who are lonely, Rest for those who are struggling

  • Food: Ribs and/or chicken wings only

  • Competition: 10-15 amateur BBQ teams

  • Team Fee: $65 entry fee / $75 if using electricity

  • Team Size: 2 people. You’ll get a special wristband for beer discounts…These are the only people who will receive wristbands; everyone else pays to get in the event- wives, friends, kids, etc. It’s a great cause.

  • What we provide: Meat, electricity (if needed for an electric smoker only-not for your TV), water.

  • What you provide:: Competitors must bring their own smoker, tent, table(s), cooking utensils, and anything else you might need to prepare your meat and sauces.

  • Meat: Aleworks provides 6 racks of ribs, and 3 lbs of chicken wings with the opportunity to purchase more at $10/rack of ribs and $2/# of wings.

  • Electricity cost: $15 fee for use of electricity

  • Weather: This is a rain or shine event. Plan accordingly.

  • Fuel: You may use any type of heat source.

  • Arrival time begins at 6am on Sept 7th

  • Meat pick-up begins at 7am on Sept 7th

  • Beer Use: Competitors must use Loveland Aleworks beer somehow in the cooking process (injection, sauce, basting agent, etc.) Drinking it while smoking does not count! 

  • Beer Drinking: Beer will be available for purchase in the Taproom. A Smoker’s Discount of 50% will apply to all beer purchases, and discounted pitchers of Brewer’s Choice beer will be available day of event. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL..if found you will be asked to leave. See discounts for competitors.

  • Cooking: All prep and cooking to be done on site.

  • Voting: Winner of Best Rib and Best Wing will be decided by number of tickets in voting box. In the event of a tie, three Aleworks employees will judge each competitor’s meat and elect a winner.

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winner will receive Loveland Aleworks gift packages full of beer, gift cards, swag, and bragging rights.

  • Fun: All contestants must agree to have fun and not take themselves or this competition too seriously. We are here to have a good time and make a few bucks for a great local charity-this isn’t the World Championships. Come out, cook some ribs and wings and enjoy the end of summer.

    Email or call 970-310-6311 to register


  1. Can I smoke Brisket? Nope… ribs and chicken only

  2. What time is set-up? see above

  3. Can I bring outside alcohol while smoking/working/cooking at the event? Absolutely no outside alcohol…if found you will be asked to leave. See discounts for competitors.

  4. Do you have a food prep area? Yes, we have 3 compartment sinks in the brewery for your use.

  5. How many people do you expect? ~200

  6. How much meat should I cook? 6 racks of ribs and 3# of wings

  7. When does food need to be ready to serve? 5pm

  8. Are you a Kansas City BBQ sanctioned event? No we are a Loveland Aleworks sanctioned event :-)