Donation Requests


Donation Requests

Here at Loveland Aleworks, we realize how fortunate we are to live in Loveland, Colorado, and to be supported in doing the job we love by our wonderful community! We are  “Brewing with Love” for a reason, and we are passionate about supporting our community.  We encourage promoting a culture of collaboration, partnerships, and involvement. Since we opened in 2012, Loveland Aleworks has been proud to contribute to many events, organizations and fundraising initiatives across Northern Colorado.

If you are one of these community-minded people in Colorado and are seeking a donation, we are happy to help! Just fill out this form.

We consider donation requests on a monthly basis. We must receive your donation request at least one month prior to the event. Requests received after the cutoff date will be considered after all other requests, and are subject to availability and time constraints.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
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Contact Phone #
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Date of Event
When would you like to pick up the donation? *
When would you like to pick up the donation?

All donations must be picked up at Loveland Aleworks during business hours.

Although we do make a fair amount of beer, in the interest of staying in business, we have a certain allotment that we can donate each month. If we receive your request but have already reached allotment for the month of your event, we sincerely apologize.